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***Special Note: Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I had a crappy trip, which you will read about in the post below. Had to take some time to myself to regroup and fully enjoy the trips I took, post this one.

When it comes to just gotta leave some people behind....

Traveling is my peace. It's the one thing that keeps me completely zen and anxiety-free. This is why I am super cautious about who I let into my travel circle. However, due an unexpected unfortunate event, my circle recently had to have a replacement person(Let's call him Jim) join us on a trip. We should have taken the L and lost out on the extra $$$$. Yup. It was THAT bad. We were on vacation for not even 15 minutes and I could tell we were in for a hell of a ride. Me and my homegirl exchanged a look like 'wtf did we get ourselves into.' If I wrote this in paragraph format it would turn into a 4-page letter style rant. So here are some bullet points of what was wrong:

  • Jim got into a spat with a random guy on a crowded elevator. When the dude reached out his hand to shake and apologize, Jim folded his arms like a child and shook his head no. Jim is a grown ass man, he did this twice. Me and my homegirl had to apologize and say we dont know whats wrong with him to try and smooth things over. (Also, we were the only black people on said crowded elevator)

  • Jim was cheap AF. I'm talking split the bill down to the last cent cheap. Not tipping cheap. But get this....he never paid me back for his portion of an excursion I booked. (I didn't even realize til my friend pointed it out when we got back home) I told him to buy me a few drinks and we'll call it even. I'm still parched.

  • Jim can't do things alone and tries to guilt you when you don't want to go. I understand that some people prefer group activities, but before he booked we made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that we are introverts and are happy doing sh*t on our own. We go off and do our own thing and regroup later. He said said he was fine with that, he lied.

  • Jim stretches the truth. I'll leave it at that because there are countless examples.

So yeah. Too much. There's more but I decided to give y'all the condensed version. I try to keep it positive on this blog, but above all I'm honest. Sometimes traveling can be crappy. All of this to say, BE SELECTIVE ABOUT WHO YOU TRAVEL WITH and never forget to pack your anxiety meds. Two hard lessons learned on this trip.

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