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During my most recent cruise, I got the opportunity to visit 2 places in Mexico. Cozumel and Costa Maya. ​



As far as Costa Maya goes, we explored the tourist/cruise port village of Mahahual. I know most travelers have epic tales of exploration, but you're not getting that from me today. Truth is, I'm an overworked single momma and this was my relaxation trip.  That being said, I stayed right in the cruise port town. I got the opportunity to do something I always wanted: SWIM WITH A DOLPHIN!!! I'm way too excited for something that is already over, but I loved every second of it. Half of the pictures above are just me and Nicta the Dolphin.  It may seem silly to some, but this was a bucket list moment for me (Next, I need to find a way to get to Nairobi to visit Giraffe Manor. I may actually cry when that happens).  Anyway, after the dolphin encounter I was pretty much over the day. Before heading back to the boat, we grabbed lunch and a drink at Cantina Latina. Delicious! It also came with live entertainment. There was a couple performing a dance routine in a boxing ring located in the middle of the restaurant.  It was a great experience. I only wished I could have tried the churros, but I was so stuffed from the gargantuan nachos I ordered. By the time lunch was over, it was raining pretty hard. I ran back to the ship and got completely drenched.  No complaints though. I'd take rain in Mexico over rain in NYC any day.


Cozumel was probably my most chill destination on this trip. After getting off the ship, I bypassed all the cruise port shopping and taxis going to various beaches. Instead, I decided to head out on foot. The weather was temperamental that day, so I figured I shouldn't waste money venturing too far out. After about a 2 minute walk a guy named Eddie gave us the rundown on what we could do in the area. We decided on the option that was about 10 feet away (Clearly, we didn't want to work too hard that day lol). El Cid La Ceiba Beach is where we spent our day. It was a small resort with a perfect view of our cruise ship. For about $22 we got access to beach chairs, umbrellas, tables, beach volleyball court, snorkeling gear, pool, jacuzzi, giant chess game and ping pong table. Oh and the $22 included a $12 voucher to use at the bar or restaurant. Not too shabby.

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