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Updated: Feb 7

First things first....I'm sorry. I am late A.F. with this post but life has been a little crazy lately. Good crazy, but crazy. I recently made a big career move and my new position started right when I got back from DC. Working FT while raising little man has been taking up most of my time, but I'm back and ready to dive in.  Now... time for the reason you're here....

If you're looking for a domestic destination for your little one, DC is an awesome option. My son & I live in NYC so this was a quick and affordable trip for us. 2 round trip bus tickets came up to about $50 and our Airbnb (studio apartment with a 15 min (free) streetcar ride to Union Station) was under $200 for the weekend.  ​It was a quick trip so we tried to cram in as much touristy things as possible. We went at a good time, right during the Cherry Blossom Festival! The National Mall wasn't as packed as I expected it to be. We had space to run around and it was super easy to walk right up to the monuments. I spent a lot of summers in DC as a kid, so I was expecting the crazy crowds I was used to. I guess early April was the right time to go.  JJ's (My Son) Tops Pics

  1. National Building Museum - This was his absolute FAVORITE! So much so that he had the worst tantrum he's ever had when we had to leave. I still have terrible flashbacks of that moment. But anyway, this place was pretty amazing. Kids got to channel their inner engineer. 

  2. Smithsonian National Zoological Park - Simply put, kids love animals.  Also, after letting your kid run around outdoors all day, they are sure to take an extra long, awesome nap. Thank me later.

  3. Smithsonian Air & Space Museum - JJ is also transportation obsessed. Airplanes and spaceships are his everything! This was a must-see. Just as awesome as it was when I was a kid. 

The best part about these places...they are 100% FREE. My favorite price. Be sure to check out the gallery below.

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