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Updated: Feb 7

I know what you're thinking, "A New Yorker honoring Philly?!" Yes. Yes I am. I will rep NYC till the day I die, but I did spend my college years in Philly at Temple University (GO OWLS!). So as much as I tease my Philly peeps, I can't deny the connection and I promise it comes from a place of love (insert corny City of Brotherly love joke here lol).  I figured now was the perfect time to highlight Philadelphia. The Eagles are fresh off of a Super Bowl win and the city celebrated and held a parade earlier today. I've been a lot of places, but never have I ever seen fans as dedicated *coughcrazycough* as the ones in Philly. Jokes aside, Philadelphia is a great place to visit. Historic sites, cool scenery, amazing art, fun party scenes, great food....Philly has something for everyone.  What I loved to Do in Philly:

  • Jog alongside the Schuylkill River

  • Drinks at Xfinity Live

  • College Campuses : Temple, Drexel, UPenn

  • Party in the Gayborhood

  • CHEESESTEAKS (God, I miss authentic Philly cheesesteaks)

  • Check out dope art at First Friday

  • Tailgate at The Linc

  • Concerts at the Liacouras Center

  • Run around Center City

  • Touristy things in Old City

  • Rocky Steps (You Have to do it at least once) @ the Philadelphia Museum of Art

If you want more info, check out the official tourism site for Philadelphia: HERE.

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