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Okay, so this is my 4th (possibly 5th time) going to Nassau, Bahamas. At this point I feel like I've seen most of what I wanted to see. Honestly, I went into this cruise thinking that I wasn't going to leave the ship when we got to Nassau. However, one of my friends wanted to go out, so the rest of us tagged along.  May 21st, 2018 was actually a holiday in the Bahamas so a lot of the spots I am used to were closed. Let me just say, we had a super basic b**** American day...

LOL I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. We walked to Junkanoo Beach and stayed there all of 20 minutes. The beach location was convenient, not the most pristine though. If you want to sit in the sand and have a cocktail and some decent food, it's an option. (Though personally, I rather take the $4 cab ride to Cable Beach).  After that, we decided we needed wifi. So guess where we ended up? .....Señor Frogs. Yup. Super stereotypical spot for American tourists. But I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy myself. We drank. A lot. Mostly for free. We paid for a single cocktail and ended up getting multiple shots on the house. The host at Señor Frogs announced that the first 10 people at the bar get a free shot, so naturally myself and my 2 friends were among the first up there. 1 shot down. Next he called a lucky bar patron to the stage, Pedro. He challenged Pedro to drink 4 shots and a bottle of beer in a minute or less. Pedro succeeded. The reward? We all got in a conga line, danced all around the bar and at various locations an employee would pour shots in our mouths. We probably had about 4-5 shots total. So yeah...super basic...super stereotypical...super fun. I regret nothing. LOL ​Be sure to check out the gallery below :)

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